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Booty In A Bottle by TG-Caps Booty In A Bottle :icontg-caps:TG-Caps 67 0 Sexually Active (Tg Caption) [Request] by saruman92
Mature content
Sexually Active (Tg Caption) [Request] :iconsaruman92:saruman92 194 2
Relieving Some Stress (TG Caption) by saruman92
Mature content
Relieving Some Stress (TG Caption) :iconsaruman92:saruman92 97 0
Mature content
TG Questionnaire - Nerd into Sexy Woman :iconfreelancer1495:Freelancer1495 35 5
Mature content
Breaststroking (TG BE) :iconphphda:phphda 12 1
My first TG cap by tgpuppet
Mature content
My first TG cap :icontgpuppet:tgpuppet 410 49
Mature content
The TG Questionnaire - Matthew to Madeline :iconmercurialcurse:MercurialCurse 14 0
What If? A EWL Tale: Babysitting
“Have fun boys and thanks for agreeing to watch Natalie while we go out for a date night.” an older man in his 30’s said as he closed the door behind him.
“Yeah no problem Mr. J, we’ll take good care of the baby!” Mike yelled back from the living room, sitting on the couch next to his best friend David.
“Man fifty bucks for the both of us to just watch a baby for a couple hours? Can you say heck yeah?” David said with a smile as he looked down at the five month old baby sitting in her rocker and making cute noises.
The boys were both eighteen, with college looming in the fall they were doing all kinds of odd jobs to save up as much money as they possibly could. They were babysitting the Jameson’s baby girl, Natalie while they could go on a much needed “date night”. Mike and David were suggested to do it by Mike’s mom who was good friends with Mrs.. That and it would be a great learning experience for the boys befor
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 39 8
Camera of Change: Prom Night
It was the dreaded night for all people without a date. Prom Night, and Tim didn't have a date. He decided to go stag with his friends and have a good time but his friends didn't go. Now he was stuck with a ticket, no one to go with and no one to spend time with.
Tim went against his wishes, not wanting the money he spent on the tux and ticket to have gone to waist. He arrived at the hotel where the prom was being hosted and walked in. He went unnoticed which was expected. Everyone was with someone and even the people alone had friends to be with.
He slowly walked through the big hall, observing and envying all the people there. He went to the punch bowl and got himself something to drink. He felt a warmth from the punch surprisingly. Ha, someone spiked it. He decided to take another drink and walk around some more.
"Just stay for an hour or two and then you can go home, Tim. "he told himself. He was blinded by a flash in the other area and noticed Prom pictures. He felt he should get
:iconthetgperson:TheTgPerson 48 15
Journal (Cheerleader TG)
Journal Entry 1:'ve decided I'd start writing in this journal my grandma got me a few years ago. I found this thing under a pile of old clothes. Beyond the smell, it's a pretty good journal.
Tomorrow starts my first day of detention. I've got this damn thing for a week...
Okay, explanation time. Last week the cheerleader captain Christine was...well, acting like your stereotypical blonde. At lunch I saw her whispering and laughing at my friend, (who isn't exactly the best looking) so i walked over to her and slammed my lunch tray into her face. Losing my lunch and having to suffer a week of detention was completely worth it to hear her fucking scream. Bitch deserved it.
My parents yelled at me for I'm grounded too. Which is why I bothered to even pick this journal up. I need SOMETHING to do while I wait out my punishment...
Well...looks like it's early curfew for me. I've gotta pack it in even earlier today. Whoopdy fucking doo.
Guess I'll updat
:icongold3drago:gold3drago 96 16
Follow Your Rhythm - TG/RC
Cameron took a deep breath as he stood in front of the Western-looking house in the middle of a Japanese suburb. He still had second thoughts on this whole situation. It had all started several months back, when he sent a gift to a friend of his, Carlos. He was a big Japanophile, so it made sense for Cam to give him a gift related to that for his birthday. After all, it's not like Carlos could get something like that himself. So, he went for something simple to test the waters: a music CD by a popular J-Pop group. After all, Carlos like Japanese music, so why not? He received it, he liked it, everyone was happy.
But then Carlos suddenly went quiet. He stopped showing up to chat, didn't reply to any comment or message on his account. He was just...gone. Cameron was worried sick, not sure if something terrible had happened to his friend...until a few weeks ago. Without warning, he received a letter, containing both an invitation and a ticket to Japan. Both most importantly, the letter wa
:iconkaiza-tg:KAIZA-TG 151 30
Lo Mein
For a broke college student like myself, the hole-in-the-wall Chinese place was the place to be for decent, cheap food that wasn't pizza. A man could only have so much large supremes before they just get sick and tired of it all. I parked my 2000 Camaro in the shitty, run-down parking lot before the nearly-abandoned strip-mall. The windows blocked off by curtains, with the only clue that hinted that the place might be open was a single fluorescent OPEN sign.
The restaurant, squashed between an empty and closed grocery store and a crafts store closed for the night, was a tiny place. I cracked my back and got out of my ancient car to walk across the cracked lot for the restaurant. I approached the door and glanced at the other OPEN sign that was hanging in a lopsided fashion. Ignoring that, I pushed the door open and immediately my nose was hit with a the smell of chicken and mold. Considering that this place had pretty decent food, I was all for ignoring the latter smell.
Inside the pla
:icongold3drago:gold3drago 45 2
TG Caption This: Magic Mirror
It had been a year since I had seen her, and there was nothing I could do to stop myself from closing the distance at a run and embracing her. My sister, Kirsten, tried to do the same; except that she was wearing the most absurd costume I had ever seen and probably would have fallen on her face if she had tried. I didn’t care that there were other people watching, I didn’t care about how stupid we would look.
Like a fluffy little ferret or a little dog, Kirsten was mostly fluff and little else, and I scooped her up without difficulty. She wrapped her arms around my neck and cried into my shirt, sniveling. “I’ve missed you so much, big brother!” My sister was eleven, a full seven years younger than I was, and our close friendship would probably have seemed improbable or even bizarre to anyone who didn’t know what had created it.
“I’ve missed you too, Kir,” I said, like the beginning of the word “iridium” with a “k
:iconactivation-energy:activation-energy 84 3
Take a Picture,
It'll Last Longer...
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Loud music reverberated through the entire neighborhood late on a Friday evening in spring. It was obnoxious, but no one was bothered enough to complain yet. It was just a group of kids being kids after all. 
"This has been the best night of my LIFE!" the usually nerdy Allen exclaimed, his voice overwhelmed with excitement. 
He was pumped to end this chapter of his life before having to prepare for what comes next.
"At your university there'll be parties like this every single month probably," replied Logan.
Logan wasn't actually sure if college was actually a party every week like he'd been lead to believe by the media, especially since high school was far more than the big sporting events and unstable relationships that the movies always seemed to portray.
"I can't believe where we are right now. Who'd of thought us normies would be invited to a party at Rachel's house!?" Al continued.
It was hard for the two to gra
:iconiis18:Iis18 11 1
The REAL transition by surody
Mature content
The REAL transition :iconsurody:surody 739 58
TG Comic - The Pink Dragon Mist by TheMightFenek TG Comic - The Pink Dragon Mist :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 1,550 70


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